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Antique Timber Frame Restoration ~
There are numerous sources for antique timber frame structures; most are located on the east coast or in the midwest region. The New Jersey Barn Company was used for my home project, as they have over 30 years experience with timber frame restoration, and have completed over 125 projects throughout the U.S. They have authored a number of books and articles on their work and are available for consultation from their offices near Princeton, New Jersey.



The Press Democrat
April 1, 2011
From barn to home in Sonoma

San Francisco Chronicle
January 18, 2009
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Jersey Relic Finds It's Way to Sonoma

Wall Street Journal
December 18, 2008
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Reborn in California
Tour a resurrected barn house in Sonoma
that started its life in New Jersey

So what does it cost to build a barn home?

Surprisingly, cost per square foot construction for this kind of project is similar to traditional construction costs for a given area.

Is a restored barn environmentally sensitive?

Many aspects of this type of project address today's green design and building concerns.

The building should be sited on the property to take best advantage of environmental factors such as sun, wind, protection from storms, etc.
The frame and flooring are generally reclaimed, refurbished and re-used.

The use of structurally insulated panels — SIPs — provide maximum sound and noise insulation. Radiant heat installed throughout the structure affords consistent interior temperatures. Solar panels mounted on a ground rack provide nearby all electrical requirements.

A well can supply all water for house and landscaping. Landscaping is often native and drought resistant, and positioned to maximize shade, view, exposure, and shelter.