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California Barn Design seeks to inspire and encourage the utilization of antique barn frame structures for home or business, thereby supporting our collective responsibility to refurbish and re-purpose our existing renewable resources.


What is it like living in a barn?

"The barn is a symbol of shelter and harvest, warmth and honest effort — a simple structure that evokes the agrarian roots of our country." - NJ Barn Co.

To live in a barn is to live amongst this history every day. The spaces are expansive, light and open, and the hand hewn beams remind one of the hours of hard work that went into creating such a majestic space. There are hundreds of these magnificent structures that await restoration and resurrection. They are easily brought back to life and adapt beautifully to California lifestyles.

~ Barbara Johnsen
Barbara Johnsen is a professionally-trained interior designer who for over 30 years has specialized in a variety of high end architectural interior design and remodeling projects, including commercial and residential design, resort developments and large private yachts.

Barbara's Interview
with Pottery Barn
After earning a Bachelor's degree from UC Davis, she went on to complete her professional interior design education at Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design in San Francisco. Barbara initially worked in the corporate interior architectural field for three years before starting her own consulting practice with offices in San Francisco and Rancho Mirage, California. Her interior design projects are featured throughout Rancho Mirage and the San Francisco bay area. Over the last 30 years her work has included travel to over 12 countries working on a variety of design projects, accompanying clients on buying trips, and architectural and design tours. In addition, as a result of an extensive sailing background, her design reputation also led to interior design commissions on several private yachts which were constructed in Canada, Europe and Asia.

Her personal interest in barn restoration led her to move her practice in 2006 to the beautiful Sonoma wine country where she lives and works in the antique timber frame barn shown on this site, a c.1840 oak frame relocated from the east coast.