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The re-assembly of a barn frame is an exciting stage in the construction process. The frame arrives via flat bed truck, completely dismantled, numbered, and stacked according to size, purpose and location in the re-assembled structure.

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Frame sections, or bents, are assembled on the ground, then lifted into place and secured to the foundation. While modern day lifts facilitate this process today, in historic times entire communities would assemble to share in the barn raising and provide not only manpower, but food, music, blessing and celebration. In spite of these modern construction conveniences, much of the assembly is still done by hand using large wooden mallets, hand made timber pegs and good old fashioned muscle and sweat!

The assembled frame is then skinned with SIP panels, (Structurally Insulated Panels) which provide structural integrity as well as extraordinary sound and temperature insulation. Window and door openings are framed, interior walls are built, and the subsequent phases of construction proceed as with any residential project.