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California Barn Design is located in the beautiful Sonoma Wine Country of Northern California. As a designer, my objective is to inspire and assist my clients in the selection, design and building of antique timber frame barn homes.

My name is Barbara Johnsen and I've been working in interior design for over 30 years. This website was born of my experience transforming an antique, post-and-beam barn frame into a beautiful, welcoming home. The journey had its roots in my childhood love for horses, and the years I spent around stables, hay lofts and working ranches. One year, my family gave me the book, "Barn: The Art of a Working Building;" from those pages, the notion of living in a restored barn became my goal.

The barn raising of my home began in the summer of 2006 and took just over a year to complete. The project was made possible through the collaborative efforts of a talented team of professionals in real estate, antique timber frame restoration, architecture, interior design, engineering and construction.

As a professional interior designer, I find great joy in sharing the process of creating unique, personalized environments for my clients. Bringing the dream of a barn home or business to life is my passion; I accompany my clients through the process from concept to furnishing. Please don't hesitate to contact California Barn Design to discuss your barn project; I look forward to assisting you with your endeavor.